Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands


So you have small hands?  You struggle to type one handed, trying to get your hand around the lid of a jar to open it can be daunting, when shaking someones hand you have to grip twice as hard to avoid your hand getting crushed and you find it hard to find the best ergonomic mouse for small hands!

Different Size Ergonomic Mice

Most ergonomic mice come in many different sizes to try to accommodate for people with large and small hands. The normal procedure is that you are asked to measure your […]

Setting Up The ‘Ergonomically’ Correct Workstation

The Secret To a Healthy More Ergonomic Workstation


Imagine the scenario. You’ve just started a new position in a new office. It’s the job you’ve always dreamed of. But your new workspace is far from ideal. In fact, it’s downright uncomfortable. Your chair doesn’t support your back, your computer screen is too low and your keyboard too high. And to top it all, none of your co-workers takes breaks. Ever.

 After just a few weeks you’re getting pounding headaches at the end of each working day. You’re tired more often than not. Your neck, hands and wrists are starting to […]

Best Ergonomic Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Signs, Symptoms And Self Help

Best Ergonomic Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome &
Signs, Symptoms And Self Help


Pain, numbness, tingling or pins and needles in your hand and fingers… These are all typical signs of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

In the UK, the NHS reckons around three percent of men and five percent of women will have carpal tunnel syndrome at some point in their lives. And while it can affect you at any age, it’s most common in people aged between 30 and 60 years old (in fact, the older you are, the more likely you are to have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Choosing the best ergonomic mouse and […]

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Shoulder Pain

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Shoulder Pain

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Shoulder Pain

The best ergonomic mouse for shoulder pain should be designed to use the whole upper limb. The shoulder region is the most common area of discomfort affecting computer users as reported by (Chasen C, 2009).  Many contemporary whole handed mouse designs encourage or force the use of the shoulder muscles to move the mouse.

In an attempt to alleviate symptoms mouse users may utilise various options which may include:

I.           Utilising a standard mouse in the opposite hand;

II.          Using an “ambidextrous” whole handed form of mouse in the […]

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Graphic Designers.

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Graphic Designers.


When most people say ‘ergonomic mouse’ they think of a large mouse which is designed to rest the hand on. The majority of ergonomic mice can work as a hand rest but did the designers consider the keyword ‘precision’?

Many ‘ergonomic’ mouse designs focus on fixing the hand in one position while relying on the shoulder to move the mouse cursor. The word ‘ergonomic’ should allow for comfort and accuracy which is especially important when graphic design is your chosen profession or hobby.

Accuracy and Precision During Graphic Design

As a graphic designer you will know the importance […]

Ergonomic Mouse And The Space Race

Ergonomic Mouse And The Space Race


If you work at a desk, your world is very small for most of the day. It may extend as far as a file cabinet or the water fountain around the corner, but it unquestionably centers around the area within reach of your office chair. (Or anti-fatigue mat, if you work standing.) Since this area is limited by the length of your arms, it tends to be quite small no matter how large your office. Every square centimeter should be used optimally. This is especially true of the all-important spot beneath your dominant hand – […]

Stiff-Soled Shoes And Ergonomic Mice

Stiff-Soled Shoes And Ergonomic Mice

From time to time, City Ergonomics receives professional opinions on the DXT design and other ergonomic mice from those in the world of computer ergonomics. The following observations come from a qualified ergonomist in California:

The DXT Ergonomic Mouse is the least intrusive of the many input devices I have tested. By “least intrusive,” I mean that it:

Allows the most natural movement patterns of the hand/arm/body, and… does not mandate, prescribe, nor force a particular movement pattern or posture.

Lets use shoes as an example. Some shoes have a stiff sole. Stiff-soled shoes mandate that all foot movement […]

Two Great Myths Of Ergonomic Mouse Design

Two Great Myths Of Ergonomic Mouse Design

Every culture develops its own myths, and the “culture” of ergonomics is no exception. Today let’s take a hard look at two major myths of ergonomic mouse design.

You may not have heard these myths repeated in words, but you have probably seen their results without realizing it. One or the other is reflected, to some extent, in nearly all ergonomic mouse designs on the market today.

Myth #1: The more you use your arm and shoulder vs. your hand, the better.

The arm and shoulder are big parts, with big muscles and tendons. Big […]

Ergonomic Mouse Design and The Homunculus

Meet the homunculus, an imaginary creature with a weird name and a weirder face.

Pretty fetching, eh? We don’t think so either. But our friend the homunculus, the fellow who’s all lips and hands, has something important to teach us about ergonomic mouse design.

A homunculus is a scale representation of human physiology. The outsized parts have greater significance in whatever aspect is being analyzed. The example above is a motor homunculus, drawn to demonstrate the division of the brain’s motor cortex. The more bandwidth is devoted to a particular body part in the motor cortex, the more potential dexterity […]