Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands


So you have small hands?  You struggle to type one handed, trying to get your hand around the lid of a jar to open it can be daunting, when shaking someones hand you have to grip twice as hard to avoid your hand getting crushed and you find it hard to find the best ergonomic mouse for small hands!

Different Size Ergonomic Mice

Most ergonomic mice come in many different sizes to try to accommodate for people with large and small hands. The normal procedure is that you are asked to measure your hand from the crease where your wrist joins the hand to end of the middle finger. If you are asked to complete this measurement you can guarantee the designer of that ergonomic mouse has not considered accuracy of the cursor.

If you fill the entire hand, you will limit the ability of the fingers to move the mouse. Enabling the hand and fingers to work is vital to your productivity and accuracy as discussed in our article homunculus and ergonomic mouse design. Filling the hand will require the shoulder to move your cursor and mouse. Your shoulder is designed for large gross movement of the arm not precision movements of a cursor on screen. Your fingers and hand however are designed to for precision movements and should be used when moving your mouse/cursor.

Designed For The Smaller Hand While Ensuring Accuracy And Comfort.

An ergonomic mouse such as the DXT Mouse is designed to position your hand and wrist in a comfortable ‘position of function’ natural position while being able to fit a range of hand sizes from large to small. This is possible because the DXT Mouse allows the fingers to operate the mouse and does not fill the entire palm of your hand. This means any length of hand or fingers can easily operate the DXT without the need reduce/increase the size of the mouse.

DXT Ergonomic Mouse

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands

The DXT Mouse has had great reviews from users with small hands;

5.0 out of 5 stars Good vertical mouse for the small handed.
By Di Di
This review is from: DXT Precision Ergonomic Upright Mouse- Compact “Ergo” mouse suitable for both left or right hand (Electronics)
“I had wrist problems (quervais tendonitis) and my physiotherapist recommended me this vertical mouse.
I have small hands, had tried the Accuratus Vertical mouse but was too big for me. This mouse is amazinly sleek, it feels right and so far looks built to last.
Appart from the obvious advantage of being vertical, it is so small that you can place it close to the keyboard so you get less strain from travelling from mouse to keyboard and vice-versa.

If you have small hands and are getting wrist pain (such as tendonitis), this is the mouse for you”. 


So if you’re  looking for the best ergonomic mouse for small hands, consider the DXT Mouse. Its unique design will accommodate for your smaller hands and allow you to work in comfort while ensuring accuracy is high on the agenda!.