Most Accurate Ergonomic Mouse


What are the requirements for an accurate ergonomic mouse? 

Video Transcript

Why is the DXT Small?

First of all to allow for accurate cursor movements. Secondly to allow for any length of hand to use the mouse. Thirdly to allow for comfort during use.

The compact size of the DXT Ergonomic Mouse allows the hand to work from the position of function ensuring comfort and precision. If we feel the hand like many large ergonomic mice do the hand and fingers will not be able to manipulate the mouse or truly adopt the position of function. The shoulder is design to position the hand in space which then allows the hand to complete detailed work. the shoulder lack dexterity compared to the hand which is designed for dexterity. In fact the shoulder and neck are the highest areas of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the USA within office workers. To achieve accuracy the for finger and thumb  need to be in opposition which is allowed by the DXT Mouse design.

You can see from this picture, the division of the motor cortex in the brain. The motor cortex is responsible for movement. The larger the body part on the picture the more dexterity and accuracy it has. One third of the motor cortex is dedicated to the arms legs and torso, the other third is dedicated to the face tongue and voice, the remaining third is  dedicated to the hand particularly  the thumb and finger.

Because of the division of the motor cortex the fingers will always have more dexterity than the shoulder. The small size of the DXT Mouse enables it to be held and manipulated in a similar way to a  pen. This means that, as with a pen, nearly any hand or finger length can use the DXT Mouse. The size enables every joint within the upper limb from the fingers to the shoulder to work in synergy in the optimal bio-mechanical posture without any movement being either forced or blocked.

Larger ergonomic mice fill the entire hand which blocks natural movement of the hand and fingers pushing movement to the shoulder which is not designed to complete small movements of a cursor.