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We designed our ergonomic mice to be the best carpal tunnel mouse or RSI mouse available, based on our user reviews we succeeded.

Check out our DXT ergonomic mouse reviews below.

Bella Online – DXT Ergonomic Mouse Reviews

Ergonomic Mouse Reviews from Bella Online. The DXT Precision Mouse is an departure from standard vertical or highly canted mouse design. In fact, hand contact with the mouse is restricted to the fingers and thumb. It easily transitions between right and left-handed positions, has a small footprint and is very light-weight.

All Things Ergo: “What a standard mouse should look like”

A couple of years ago, I wrote that the Evoluent vertical mouse “is probably what the standard ‘mouse’ should look like.” I have now found another model that I think is even closer to this ideal: The DXT precision mouse from City Ergonomics. Here’s why.

Brilliantly Surprised!

I decided to buy the DXT Ergonomic Mouse after seeing that it could help the pain in my right arm. I sit at a desk all day, and over thirty years have got a constant shooting pain from the wrist up. I thought this item could do no harm and bought it. The results have been amazing. The pain gradually declined and has been reversed to the point where I don’t notice anything wrong anymore. I’m so happy I got it and would love if they brought out a wireless version so it’s easier to carry in my bag for travelling etc.

Brilliant! – Rosey, California, USA

Was looking for a mouse to reduce arm pain/tendonitiswhile mousing. I don’t have any particular injury, but after long periods at the computer using Autocad I was getting a sore forearm and tried a joystick-style mouse, and a large vertical mouse, both of which required movement to come from the shoulder, moving the pain from my forearm up to my shoulder!

This DXT mouse has solved all the problems – It seems to take a little while to get used to the new mousing position (you seem to move it more with the fingers than the arm), which is a bit annoying at first. After some practice I was able to have the sensitivity set very high, as you can move it really accurately on the desk with your hand in a position a bit like holding a large pen. Ultimately, this means that you don’t need to move the mouse very far to do all the normal mousing tasks.

Buttons seem slightly easier to press than some other mice, and give a nice soft click when pressed. Overall it feels well made, and looks pretty cool on my desk too.

Switching left-right hand took some time to get used to at first, but once you do it’s really useful to swap to left-handed mousing if you’re keying in a lot of numbers on the numpad!

I use the mouse a lot for 3D design work, spreadsheets etc, and it’s nothing short of brilliant!

DXT Ambidextrous Mouse – Andy B, Oxford, UK

I bought this mouse because I had some pain and numbness in my fingers and wrist and wanted to do something before this condition got worse. My doctor advised I had tendonitis.

I first tried two different bulky ergonomic mice that helped a bit but really didn’t do the job.

The DXT took about an hour or so to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it works really well, easy and very precise.

I am ambidextrous and one of my requirements was a mouse that could be used by either hand, this mouse makes it easy. The mouse is the best I have ever used, just change hands and press a button, that’s it. It even comes with a small UBS extension that I use for the other side of my computer.

I work on a mac for design and editing. The DXT Mouse is def the best ergonomic mouse for mac users where accuracy is key!

One minor improvement I would recommend for the future is a more flexible USB cord, however, this is really minor.

I would also like to see a wireless version offered.

it is certainly worth every penny, I liked it so much that I bought a second one for home use.

Very Good! – Harry F, Miami, USA

I started using this and gave up for a while, gave it a second go and now love it. Great if you have any sort of rsi, arthritis or tendonitis as it uses different muscles etc and is a lighter touch than a conventional mouse. It was well worth the money in the end.

Great Mouse – Barbara, UK

First of all, I just wanted to say that this company (the one that makes the mouse, notAmazon) has excellent customer service. I contacted them directly due to an issue I was having and I received an immediate, positive, helpful response and they followed up a few days later just to make sure everything was okay–so, keep that in mind for sure!

The mouse itself is great for me. I have small hands and was having some random elbow/wrist pain and tendonitis working at a full-time office job, so I wanted to get an ergonomic mouseI didn’t have much choice, however, because I use my mouse left-handed, and 99% of ergonomic mouse products are for right-handed folks. The fact that I can switch this from left- to right-handed is a boon as well because if my co-workers needed to use my computer for anything, I could switch the mouse for them so that they didn’t have to struggle with their left hands. I also feel that its the best ergonomic mouse for graphic designers as the upright shape of this mouse actually gives me more control over the cursor, so when I’m working on graphic design projects I can do touch ups or vector art without having to break out my tablet and pen for it. (I do, of course, use the tablet and pen for sketching, inking, and coloring, however.)

I am very pleased with this mouse, basically!

Relief after 1 day of use.

I have tried many different ergonomic mice all with mixed results. I finder the larger ergonomic mice push my shoulder to all the work which i find really awkward. When using my normal mouse I use my fingers to move the mouse during normal pc use and when gaming but twisting my hand to be flat on the desk causes some RSI issues and think may of been leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. I bought the DXT Mouse because I wanted an ergonomic mouse to keep the accuracy while reducing the hand flat on the desk. Its really worked and reduces my RSI and I feel is the best ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel pain.

The comfort is great. – Andy, New York USA

I found the learning curve really small with this mouse. I love the separate button for changing between right and left hand as this really helps me recover from my RSI.

Love my DXT Mouse! – Emma Jackson, IT manager

It is really helped me get back to work. My old standard really caused me pain in my arm. I have been able to use my mouse all day long at work and not have any pain in my wrist after work.

No more RSI – Rob Davies

My job requires me to use computer mouse on autocad all day . Standard mouse had really caused me problems with RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome so i changed to the DXT Mouse. What a change! My hand no longer hurts when i get home and I feel that i can get more work complete.

Jane Naylor – One day and RSI gone

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been using your mouse DXT Mouse for one day and the RSI in my right hand is practically gone. Thanks to my friend for advising me of this product.

Abdul Kashem

The DXT Mouse has really helped to reduce mytendonitis in my elbow. I use both hands throughout the day.

Happy DXT Mouse User – Gareth Hammond

Been using DXT Mouse for 3 weeks and its really helped. The pain took about one week to go but now im working in comfort. Thanks.

Tennis Elbow Gone! – Mimi Williams

I have had tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) for 3 years due to work and playing squash. I got my DXT Mouse in Feb 2014 ago and the discomfort has really reduced. I find it really helpful to use both hands while working long hours.

Computer Posture

Possibly the best mouse out there! It has a different design to Evoluent and if you are already suffering from RSI, your specific RSI condition may favour one over the other. The DXT and Evoluent mice however are the best ergonomic mice available and our favourites.


The DXT mouse has a whole lot of things going for it. It presents the “handshake” grip in a compact, ambidextrous package that yields comfort and remarkable precision with zero retraining. Unless you have a high work surface that you can’t change, there’s no ergonomic mouse I would recommend more highly.


No more shoulder pain or worse with the DXT Wireless Mouse 2 (light click).


A fine mobile companion that charges while in use and eases repetitive stress to the hand, arm, and shoulder.


Accuracy & Productivity

DXT Mouse Proven to be more accurate than a standard mouse. Accuracy is key when using your computer mouse. Many large ergonomic wireless mice will reduce your accuracy due to relying on movements from your shoulder. The DXT ergonomic wireless mouse allows for natural movements of the hand and arm ensuring precise cursor movements. Research proves the DXT Mouse is more accurate than a standard mouse. The best ergonomic wireless mouse design should allow for comfort and accurate navigation. The DXT is designed around you and how your hand is designed to function.


Buy the DXT Mouse 2 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse that will improve your comfort and productivity the DXT Mouse is for you.