Warranty and Return Policy


Valid warranty claims are generally processed through the point of purchase during the first 30 days after purchase: however, this period of time may vary depending on where you purchased the product-please check with City Ergonomics or the retailer where you purchased the product for details. Warranty claims  any other product related questions should be addressed directly to City Ergonomics via our contact us page 

2 year limited warranty

City Ergonomics warrants to the original purchaser that this product (and the products name) is free from material and workmanship defects when used under normal conditions for a period of one (2) year from the date of purchase. Should the product contain defects in material or workmanship City Ergonomics will repair or replace the product at our option. Purchaser will be responsible for all costs associated with packing and shipping the product to City Ergonomics and all other freight or insurance costs associated with the return. City Ergonomics will bare the cost of shipping the repaired or replaced product to the purchaser. Product should be returned in its original package accompanied by a proof of purchase, either a sales receipt or other proof that the product is within the warranty period. This warranty is void if the owner repairs or modifies the product or the product has been damaged as a result of misuse. This warranty excludes any liability other than that expressly stated previously, including but not limited to, any incidental or inconsequential damages.

Limitation of Liability

City Ergonomics shall not be responsible for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages whatsoever, including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue or data (whether direct or indirect) or commercial loss for breach of any express or implied warranty on your product even if City Ergonomics has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Accuracy & Productivity

DXT Mouse Proven to be more accurate than a standard mouse. Accuracy is key when using your computer mouse. Many large ergonomic wireless mice will reduce your accuracy due to relying on movements from your shoulder. The DXT ergonomic wireless mouse allows for natural movements of the hand and arm ensuring precise cursor movements. Research proves the DXT Mouse is more accurate than a standard mouse. The best ergonomic wireless mouse design should allow for comfort and accurate navigation. The DXT is designed around you and how your hand is designed to function.


Buy the DXT Mouse 2 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse that will improve your comfort and productivity the DXT Mouse is for you.