Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Small Hands


So you have small hands?  You struggle to type one handed, trying to get your hand around the lid of a jar to open it can be daunting, when shaking someones hand you have to grip twice as hard to avoid your hand getting crushed and you find it hard to find the best ergonomic mouse for small hands!

Different Size Ergonomic Mice

Most ergonomic mice come in many different sizes to try to accommodate for people with large and small hands. The normal procedure is that you are asked to measure your […]

Setting Up The ‘Ergonomically’ Correct Workstation

The Secret To a Healthy More Ergonomic Workstation


Imagine the scenario. You’ve just started a new position in a new office. It’s the job you’ve always dreamed of. But your new workspace is far from ideal. In fact, it’s downright uncomfortable. Your chair doesn’t support your back, your computer screen is too low and your keyboard too high. And to top it all, none of your co-workers takes breaks. Ever.

 After just a few weeks you’re getting pounding headaches at the end of each working day. You’re tired more often than not. Your neck, hands and wrists are starting to […]