Two Great Myths Of Ergonomic Mouse Design

Two Great Myths Of Ergonomic Mouse Design

Every culture develops its own myths, and the “culture” of ergonomics is no exception. Today let’s take a hard look at two major myths of ergonomic mouse design.

You may not have heard these myths repeated in words, but you have probably seen their results without realizing it. One or the other is reflected, to some extent, in nearly all ergonomic mouse designs on the market today.

Myth #1: The more you use your arm and shoulder vs. your hand, the better.

The arm and shoulder are big parts, with big muscles and tendons. Big […]

Ergonomic Mouse Design and The Homunculus

Meet the homunculus, an imaginary creature with a weird name and a weirder face.

Pretty fetching, eh? We don’t think so either. But our friend the homunculus, the fellow who’s all lips and hands, has something important to teach us about ergonomic mouse design.

A homunculus is a scale representation of human physiology. The outsized parts have greater significance in whatever aspect is being analyzed. The example above is a motor homunculus, drawn to demonstrate the division of the brain’s motor cortex. The more bandwidth is devoted to a particular body part in the motor cortex, the more potential dexterity […]