Best Ergonomic Mouse For Graphic Designers.

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Graphic Designers.


When most people say ‘ergonomic mouse’ they think of a large mouse which is designed to rest the hand on. The majority of ergonomic mice can work as a hand rest but did the designers consider the keyword ‘precision’?

Many ‘ergonomic’ mouse designs focus on fixing the hand in one position while relying on the shoulder to move the mouse cursor. The word ‘ergonomic’ should allow for comfort and accuracy which is especially important when graphic design is your chosen profession or hobby.

Accuracy and Precision During Graphic Design

As a graphic designer you will know the importance […]

Ergonomic Mouse Design and The Homunculus

Meet the homunculus, an imaginary creature with a weird name and a weirder face.

Pretty fetching, eh? We don’t think so either. But our friend the homunculus, the fellow who’s all lips and hands, has something important to teach us about ergonomic mouse design.

A homunculus is a scale representation of human physiology. The outsized parts have greater significance in whatever aspect is being analyzed. The example above is a motor homunculus, drawn to demonstrate the division of the brain’s motor cortex. The more bandwidth is devoted to a particular body part in the motor cortex, the more potential dexterity […]