DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse Background & Design Objectives

DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse Background & Design Objectives 



Video transcription 

Hi, my name is Stephen Bowden and am one of the designers of the DXT Ergonomic Mouse. This short presentation discusses the design and science behind the Mouse and why it allows for comfort and accuracy.

The following are the Design objectives of the DXT mouse.

To enable natural finger, hand, arm and shoulder movement patterns.
To utilise the precision grip of the of the hand to improve accuracy of the cursor
To adopt the position function or rest
To enable right and left hand use
Reduce or eliminate pinch grip while lifting the mouse
Reduce the overall […]

OPC Ergonomics appointed as distributor of DXT Ergonomic Mouse in Australia and New Zealand

OPC Ergonomics and the DXT Ergonomic Mouse


City Ergonomics is pleased to announce the appointment of OPC Ergonomics as a distributor of the DXT Ergonomic Mouse in Australia and New Zealand.

Director of City Ergonomics Stephen Bowden met Allen Field from OPC ergonomics in Las Vegas at the Ergo Expo where is was agreed there was a demand for an ergonomic mouse that not only looks at comfort of the upper limb but ensures accurate productive cursor movements.

OPC Ergonomics has manufactured, imported and distributed to Australian resellers since 1998 and has a proven track record selling ergonomic office equipment.