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  • DXT Ergonomic mouse is scientifically proven to be more accurate and comfortable than a standard computer mouse
  • Outshines competitors including the Evoluent Vertical mouse
  • Demand results in the launch of new wireless version

A new study from the manufacturers of the world’s first vertical ambidextrous mouse, City Ergonomics revealed that 83% of participants showed increased accuracy and comfort when using the DXT Ergonomic Mouse compared to a standard computer mouse and the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.

Ergonomic Wireless Mousebrand new wireless version of its globally-acclaimed wired model is now on sale.

The new ergonomic wireless mouse is based on the globally acclaimed DXT ergonomic mouse which was launched by the company in 2011. The DXT wireless mouse has been designed to be portable, charged by micro USB and allow for comfort and accuracy.

The design team, comprising of expert physiotherapists and ergonomists, developed the ergonomic wireless mouse to offer users precision and accuracy with a relaxed hand position, whether used in the left or right hand

City Ergonomics said:

“What the DXT Ergonomic Mouse offers the user, is the ability to move the cursor accurately whilst allowing a natural hand posture which promotes comfort, something which we know other ergonomic mice do not offer.” – City Ergonomics

Just like the DXT ergonomic wired mouse, the wireless mouse has been designed to use the natural precision movements of the hand, allow right and left handed use and promote comfort and accuracy.

“Following the hugely successful global launch of the DXT wired mouse back in 2011, we’re delighted to be adding to our product line with a wireless version which aims to make it easier than ever for users to achieve accuracy and comfort when using an ergonomic mouse.”

For more information on the DXT wireless mouse, this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIlaQdBVQ34 offers an overview.

The DXT ergonomic mouse is:

Additional information can be found at www.dxtmouse.com or www.dxtmouse.com/dxt-mouse-2-wireless/,


DXT Ergonomic Study ResultsDXT Ergonomic Mouse Study results