Was looking for a mouse to reduce arm pain/tendonitiswhile mousing. I don’t have any particular injury, but after long periods at the computer using Autocad I was getting a sore forearm and tried a joystick-style mouse, and a large vertical mouse, both of which required movement to come from the shoulder, moving the pain from my forearm up to my shoulder!

This DXT mouse has solved all the problems – It seems to take a little while to get used to the new mousing position (you seem to move it more with the fingers than the arm), which is a bit annoying at first. After some practice I was able to have the sensitivity set very high, as you can move it really accurately on the desk with your hand in a position a bit like holding a large pen. Ultimately, this means that you don’t need to move the mouse very far to do all the normal mousing tasks.

Buttons seem slightly easier to press than some other mice, and give a nice soft click when pressed. Overall it feels well made, and looks pretty cool on my desk too.

Switching left-right hand took some time to get used to at first, but once you do it’s really useful to swap to left-handed mousing if you’re keying in a lot of numbers on the numpad!

I use the mouse a lot for 3D design work, spreadsheets etc, and it’s nothing short of brilliant!