How to Choose an Ergonomic Mouse?

How to Choose an Ergonomic Mouse?

How to Choose an Ergonomic Mouse?

If you use a computer at work you will most probably hold it for longer than any other piece of equipment, maybe even your mobile phone!

Due to the amount of time you have contact with your mouse you may be asking yourself “How to choose an Ergonomic Mouse?”

Below are a list of things to think about during your purchase of an ergonomic mouse. The main point to remember is even if you do find the perfect ergonomic mouse try to pre-empt discomfort during use with a change of posture or task. This method will reduce […]

Most Accurate Ergonomic Mouse-What are the Key Requirements?

Most Accurate Ergonomic Mouse


What are the requirements for an accurate ergonomic mouse? 

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Why is the DXT Small?

First of all to allow for accurate cursor movements. Secondly to allow for any length of hand to use the mouse. Thirdly to allow for comfort during use.

The compact size of the DXT Ergonomic Mouse allows the hand to work from the position of function ensuring comfort and precision. If we feel the hand like many large ergonomic mice do the hand and fingers will not be able to manipulate the mouse or truly adopt the position of function. The shoulder is design to […]